Friday, January 18, 2013

Wifi Password Finder [NO SURVEYS]

This will be a short article on how to hack wifi password using the tool provided on our website.
To download the tool please visit our homepage at and click download now.

Using our tool is extremely simple, after opening the tool, you click refresh, this will refresh all available networks, after the refresh is finished you click on the targeted network (networks with strong signal and WEP encryption are recommended, due to the very short ammount of time needed to decrypt their passwords), you then click “Hack Password” button and the tool will start sniffing packets.
When the suficient number of data packets are sniffed, the tool will provide you the password.

As you can see, using WiFi Password Finder to hack WiFi password is very easy. If you have any problems please visit our tutorial video which is located at the link bellow:


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